This is how the Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and Foreign Languages English- French goes


he program has already started with its second cohort, it has been well received by young Colombian people.

My name is Gladis Leonor Arias Rodríguez, Head of the Bachelor’s program in Spanish and foreign languages English and French at Universidad Santo Tomás-Tunja.

I am proud to report you that our Bachelor (bachelor’s degree) in Foreign Languages is in progress (and also) that we have opened our second cohort with an excellent group of students from various regions of the country such as Boyacá, Vichada, Casanare, Santanderes, Cesar, Cundinamarca, among others.


Thereby, our program ranks in the region as a support to the teaching and learning processes of Spanish and the foreign languages (English and French), it endorses the bilingualism and multilingualism processes, as well as it promotes research and pedagogical training, thus contributing to the development of the country from an integral education and our Thomist approach.

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